Environmental Hygiene

Pumping units from 30 to 150 bar single, multi-pressure and centralized
Single Fixed   Single Mobile   2 Users
  PI AP 1    PI AP 1 car   PI AP 2     PI AP 2 special
PI AP 1   PI AP 1 MOB   PI AP 2    PI AP 2 Speciall

3 Users   4 - 6 Users   3 - 6 Users
 PI AP 3    PI AP 4    PI HFR 60 60  
PI AP 3   PI AP 4 - 6   PI HT vario

Pumping units at low and medium pressure single and centralized
Single Fixed   Single Mobile   1 - 3 Users    1 - 4 Users
 PI Hydra    PI Hydra car    PI BP 20 100   PI Hydra 25 100 
PI HYDRA 40/21   PI HYDRA Mob 40/21    PI BP 100/25   PI BP 120/25


 Carrello lavaggio

   iniettore    HP foam    PI LP foam air
Washing Trolley   Foam Stations

 Portafusto inox m    Portatubo a    Arrotolatore manuale    Arrotolatore automatico bp
 Drum Support   Hose Support   Manual Hose Reel / Automatic

 Lancia lava taglieri    Lancia 11114 S m     Lancia schiuma    Lancia schiuma m press
Lance Wash Cutting Boards   Lance Rinsing    Lance Foam


Washing Sanitizing Wooden Crates Cheese
 PI T 300

Environmental hygiene

PRC IMPIANTI has a complete range of equipment and accessories for environmental washing, fixed or mobile pumping units, single or centralized high, medium, low pressure of all types. 

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